Here's the disclaimer...

Some of the names and details of the people who appear in this series have been changed, to protect their identity.

The author - that’s me, Leonie Joubert - and the partners in The Psychonauts, aren’t endorsing the therapeutic or recreational use of psychedelics.

This podcast is founded on the principle of harm reduction: word is spreading about the potential benefits of psychedelics; but because they’re illegal, it’s driven them underground, where it’s hard to monitor and safely regulate their use. This podcast aims to open up that conversation, as well as put some evidence-based ideas out there about the risks associated with unsupported therapeutic or recreational use of such substances. The kind of psychedelic experiences discussed in this series should only be done under the supervision of a skilled professional and in a safe environment, and people with a family history of psychosis or schizophrenia should steer well clear. Speak with an informed family doctor or psychiatrist to find out more.

Read more about psychedelic harm reduction here

Oh, and don’t go out foraging for wild mushrooms. No matter how good you think you are at mushroom identification, it’s hard to tell the lethal ones from the safe ones. As the old saying goes: all fungi are edible, but some, only once.